I purchased Myo-Breathe Pain Relieving Gel online, how long does it take for me to receive?

Normal delivery time to process your order and ship it to your door is 3-5 business days. If there is damage to any products during your delivery contact us immediately to report the damage. Before discarding the damage product take a picture of the package that product was damaged in with the shipping label visible. We also need a close up picture of were the damage occur for review by or product specialist. Upon receiving the pictures of both the package and product we will send out your replacement or full refund.

What sports can I use your Sports Grip in?

Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, and any activities that your grip can be an advantage

Can I use your Callus Repair Cream daily?

Yes, we developed our Callus Repair Cream to be a skin conditioner to help repair and restore. Daily use is recommended

Can I use Myo-Breathe Pain Gel and Roll-On with Ice or Heat packs?

No our Pain Gel and Roll-On are stand alone products and should not be used with other products or devices this can cause skin irritation to the area.

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When using the Deep Soak how much do you recommend in a normal tub?

For relaxation  and for muscle soreness we recommend 2-4 scoops.

I have a bad blister on my hand from training can what can help?

For tears and rips our Skin Repair Sticks will Beeswax and Coconut Oil will help heel and restore your rips. We recommend using it daily for quick

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