Muscle Relief Mint Deep Soak

  • Myo-Breathe Deep Soak soaking aid with dead sea salt helps muscles relax and recover after an intense workout. Our unique combination of magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride, sodium, and bromide helps soothe blisters, calluses, and corns. It can be used in cold or hot water treatments done at the training facility or home. Myo-Breathe Deep Soak is enriched with essential oils to relieve muscle tension and stress.

  • Muscle Fatigue and Soreness
    Post Exercise Muscle Recovery
    Eases Pain from Blisters
    Hydrating & Therapeutic Relief
    Soothes Muscle Stiffness
    Detoxifies & Restores the Body
    Relaxes Tense muscles
    Rejuvenating Aroma Therapy for Stress Relief
    Great for Tired and Aching Feet

  • Dead Sea Salts, Propylene Glycol, Essential Oils, and Food Dye

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