Perform Tex Pro "Au Naturel" & Pain Relief Combo

  • PerformTex™ Kinetic Pro Kinesiology Tape PerformTex™ Kinetic Pro is the only, patent-pending hybrid-fiber kinesiology tape designed to perform in the harshest of environments of tough athletic forums or work environments. Kinetic Pro provides the most demanding taping practitioner a supremely dynamic, versatile, longer lasting kinesiology tape. IF IT WICKS – IT STICKS! With its uniquely engineered blend of ultra-lightweight proprietary fabrics, PerformTex™ Kinetic Pro provides unsurpassed wicking capabilities due to its surface vapor release process. These “release points” quickly draw perspiration to the surface, allowing faster evaporation rates. Couple this with our patented “twin groove” adhesive design and you have the most adhesive-stable product in the industry.

  • Myo-Breathe Pain Relieving Gel is designed to relieve and regenerate overworked and sore muscles. The non-greasy oil free light texture is easily absorbed into the skin and works great for exhausted muscles. Myo-Breathe has a dual effect of providing temporary pain relief for up to four hours while moisturizing and hydrating your skin. The concentrated blend of skin conditioners and pain relievers provide an effective combination for speedy recovery from sports related injuries. Myo-Breathe is formulated without parabens, dyes, and capsaicin to deliver soothing and fast absorbing pain relief.

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